Wholesale Hotel Towels

Wholesale Hotel Towels

Do you and your team as a hotelier have concerns regarding how to select the best hotel towels at discount rates? Since only the best would do, it seems to sense that you would want the best towels for your visitors. That much is obvious, but regrettably, not everyone can discern the difference between excellent hotel towels and towels that fall short of your customers’ high expectations. The ideal towels may turn your hotel from a basic setting into a luxurious one. The first thing your visitors will want to do when they arrive after a long trip or when they return to rest after a hard day is freshening, and soft, high-quality towels are a crucial element of any nice bathroom routine. Towels can be expensive to acquire in smaller quantities straight from a home store. Thus, some hotels may choose to sacrifice quality to save money. Thankfully, we offer a large selection of alternatives for wholesale towels, sure to receive a five-star review from you and your visitors.

Egyptian versus Turkish Cotton:

Our towels are as plush and soft as any other in the market. Instead of synthetic materials, they are fashioned of imported Turkish cotton. Our Turkish cotton fibers are long and fine and with exceptional drying abilities. Turkish cotton gives our towels an incredibly soft feel and added durability because of the dense loops for absorbing more moisture while trapping warmth. Ordinary towels are typically made using standard cotton, whereas Turkish cotton gives our towels an ultra-soft feel and added durability. Pick Turkish cotton towels for their thickness and rich texture because of their widespread use in many upscale hotels.

Soft-touch towels:

Whether a hotel offers family-friendly accommodations or romantic boudoirs, its visitors will undoubtedly enjoy the softness of Turkish cotton after a bath due to these exquisite towels. Why cotton from Turkey? This flexible textile is highly renowned worldwide for its opulent softness and durability. You may get the soft touch wholesale towels from us in various weights, ranging from 500 GSM to 650 GSM. Different sizes are available, ranging from facecloths and hand towels to bath towels and bed linens. These soft-touch towels have all been colored a dazzling white that won’t sag with time.

Industrial towels:

For any business looking to control expenses while still investing in high-quality towels that will last through several piles of washing, the industrial towels we sell are the best option. They are ideal for places with significant visitor turnover, including crowded hotels, hostels, and shelters. Industrial towels are recognized for being clean and high-quality even after being cleaned in bulk by a machine. Industrial towels are available in larger weights of between 400 and 500 GSM and have a high absorbency, making them the best functional choice yet comfortable.

Spa and leisure towels:

It is crucial to pick towels that go well with any leisure facilities a hotel may have or complete spa experiences it may be able to give to lucky visitors. These towels must be practical and comfy so visitors may use them for extended periods. As a result, spa/leisure towels are typically lighter in weight than other towel options without sacrificing softness, which will aid your customers in being relaxed and peaceful. Check out our selection of hotel leisure towels and spa/leisure dressing robes.
What to consider when choosing towels for your hotel?
Keep the following things in mind as you browse the various wholesale towel options:

Comfort level:

Is it crucial for your hotel to put comfort first when selecting the towels your visitors will use? If so, take into account the towels’ fabric. The towels we sell are made from Turkish cotton, which has longer strands and keeps its warmth and fluffy qualities.

Wear and Tear:

It’s vital to consider how frequently these towels will be laundered each week for hotels with significant visitor turnover. When selecting towels, there are a few factors to consider to keep them looking brand new for longer. Consider selecting patterns with banded edges, for instance, since this will help lower the chance of fraying.


Towels are weighed out in pounds per dozen, and guests will often evaluate the quality of the towels based on this weighing. In settings like spas and recreation centers, lighter towels are preferable, whereas heavier towels frequently have a more opulent feel. Before buying wholesale towels, consider the product’s comfort and usefulness and how the weight of your preferred towels will affect these factors.
We sell high-quality items for various sectors if you want to buy wholesale towels. Our towels and linens are durable and cost-effective. If you’re seeking to buy towels in large quantities, we offer a variety of various types of fabrics and sizes.
Visit our collection of items or get in touch with us to know more about what we offer.

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