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Welcome to Isra International, the Premium place to for state of the art designed collection of Wholesale Robes, along with our new collection of Spa Robes available in Bulk for establishments and hotels all across the US. With a collection of some of the most comfortable

vibrant and stunning spa robes, we believe we at Isra are the perfect choice for you. Whether it’s a gift to a loved one, or a custom embroidered collection we’re here to give you options for your perfect day at the Spa.

Our Spa Robes

We have a great collection of Spa Robes that are both durable and ultra soft to your skin. No matter the kind of use (spas, baths & more), our spa robes maintain both their attractive color and their softness without fail.

Choose from a selection of beautiful colors ranging from Beige, Charcoal Grey & of course White to enhance your look. Our long length robes provide comfortable wear, easy maneuverability and a unisex fit. We have spa robes for all of your establishment needs whether that’s for spas specifically, motels, clinics. We are confident that they’ll outlast the test of time and much more. 

Personalize Your Spa Robes

If you’ve selected the perfect robe collection for your spa needs in Bulk, you’ll need something with a personal touch to help you stand out. Isra international provides just that with our Custom Embroidery option for all of your robes that you order with us. We also customize our spa robes with business logos and lettering to name a few options throughout the US. Available in embroidery, vinyl printing, and rhinestones, Isra International’s custom embroidery service is an easy and affordable way to add a personalized touch to your spa robes.

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