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One of the essential commodities offered in hotels all around the world is now slippers. The purpose of hotel slippers is to allow visitors to move around the room comfortably, including the toilet, in a pair of cozy and hygienic shoes.

Disposable Slippers:

Possibly the most well-liked. These slippers, intended to be changed daily, are often manufactured from NON-WOVEN material, which is breathable and robust enough for daily usage. EVA material should only be used for this purpose since it has grip and cushioning qualities for damp places like the bathroom or pool.

Standard Slippers:

Customers today expect to find slippers in their rooms, and the slippers from our standard line will be kind to your budget. Standard implies a low-price, value-for-money slipper that gives comfort and hygiene.

Waffle Slippers:

Usually only found in five-star hotels or suite rooms. Although a wide variety of materials are used in their creation, the main requirement is that they must be durable enough to withstand at least five washings. Cotton and Cotton Velour are the fabrics used most frequently in their creation. The sponge must be at least 3 mm thick, and the sole must be no less than 2 mm thick. Although PVC or Rubber are also utilized and offer a quality bonus with little more expense, EVA is likely the material used the most for the sole. For most models, Close Toe and Open Toe options are offered.
We can uncover a great deal more designs based on these two models. Recently, and particularly for the hotels near the beach, several hotels have begun to employ EVA sandals to give their guests footwear that can be worn both inside the room and outdoors by the pool or beach.

Hotel & Spa Slippers:

We provide luxuriously soft terry fabric slippers. These luxurious hotel slippers include brushed terry and fluffy cushioning, making them wonderfully smooth. White is the default color, although other colors are available (black, grey, and dove grey).
These opulent spa slippers are ideal for the spa, hotel, or lounging at home. They complete your outfit with ultra-comfy loungewear. When you’re resting and unwinding, your feet will stay toasty and cozy with our collection of terry cloth, honeycomb cotton, waffle, and microfibre hotel slippers. The slippers’ material is breathable and absorbent, making hotels, spas, and beauty salons choose them as a footwear option.
Our slippers are available in various sole and material options to suit all tastes and price ranges.

Unisex Non-Woven Fabric Slippers:

Our non-woven fabric slipper is a good option if you’re looking for a disposable and affordable slipper for hotels and SPAs. Slippers made of non-woven cloth are durable and lightweight. You may select between designs with open or closed toes for warmth and coverage.
Our slippers all have non-skid soles that provide you with stability.

Hotel Flip Flops:

Your customers will feel like VIPs while relaxing in courtesy slippers or thongs in spas and swimming pools. Our spa slippers and flip-flops are the ideal conveniences when clients want to unwind, making them a loungewear need. Additionally useful for hygiene and security reasons next to wet flooring, including swimming pools, locker rooms, and spas. Giving your guests slippers and flip-flops will improve their experience and your rating.
We also provide hotel embroidery options for our slippers

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