Wholesale Bath Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Distributors

A hotel is remembered for its ambiance and its style more than anything. The rooms, the robes, the amenities everything makes the experience pop, but an underrated aspect of any establishment is the bathrooms. Having the right aesthetic is important, but what you provide after is even more and that is what we at Isra International aims to provide a plethora of wholesale bathroom accessories that truly take your customers experience to the next level. 

Modern Bath Accessories:

Stock your business with recent bath accessories from hundreds of different manufacturers. Discover items your consumers will enjoy and buy for them all in one place on Isra, the online wholesale marketplace.

At Isra, we enable small company owners and independent brands to buy and sell wholesale items online. Our platform delivers sophisticated sales, marketing, and analytics capabilities for our brands, allowing sellers to streamline their wholesale businesses and connect independent store owners. We've already linked over 100,000 merchants with thousands of distinct clothing brands.

Spa Bath Accessories:

Isra manufactures bath and shower accessories for retail sale. Our spa bath accessories allow your clients to relax, wash, and exfoliate.

We provide a wide range of bath poufs, straps, mitts, and belts. Every customer will find their favorite products for renewing and purifying the skin. Individually wrapped goods, such as a loofah with a hand strap, come with retail hang tabs. It implies that the things may be exhibited for resale or given away as a gift with purchase. We provide spa bath items made from natural ingredients, which many consumers appreciate. They provide moderate exfoliation as well as washing. Our bath poufs are meant to lather well but then swiftly rinse and dry.