Wholesale Robes for Hotels

Comfortable Robes for Spa & Baths

Robes in hotel rooms should be comfortable, cozy and relaxing. Spending quality time resting and unwinding at home or while on vacation, sipping hot tea or coffee, and dozing off while donning the fluffiest pair of robes while reading a book or the newspaper.

Buying wholesale robes may produce significant savings because it often comes with huge discounts.
The idea that several companies will offer wholesale robes, especially around the holidays, is noteworthy. Of course, our special robes are all made with 100% Cotton.

Isra International makes robes for a variety of establishments and their amenities, ranging from spa robes to bathrobes and much more. Our robes are made keeping comfort in mind along with quality, with the following type of materials available:

  • Terry Cotton
  • Waffle Cotton
  • Velour Cotton

A popular fabric for towels and bathrobes is cotton terry. Due to its comfort and silky texture, it has been favored. Since it is made entirely of cotton, it provides more thickness, absorbency, and exceptional comfort and warmth.

On the other hand, you may select wholesale cotton waffle robes. Due to its square texture and diamond pattern, this fabric is distinctive. It has a 65% to 35% ratio of cotton to polyester, making it feel supple and breathable.

Cotton Velour Robes are an alternative too. It is ideal for relaxing on a cold winter night. It has a recognizable velvety feel that is related to polyester velour. Due to the 80% cotton composition, it is highly soft and thick, making it the ideal blend for a winter robe.

Wholesale Robes for Spa:

Spas can be the perfect place to rest, relax and let all of your worries go with the serenity and service of the hotel or spa staff around you. Your guests are looking to unwind, and you can help that with providing spa robes in bulk from us at Isra International. We’ve got the perfect combination of comfort and quality with our long lasting spa robes that have an inside layer of cotton while the outside is microfiber so that you can enjoy the spa activities to its absolute fullest. 

Wholesale Bathrobes:

We’ve created the perfect blend of occulent bathrobes to make your customers feel comfortable and relaxed. With affordable rates and unmatched quality, we believe we are best placed to provide bathrobes for your establishment (or for yourself) around the United States.

The robe’s silk outside gives it a contemporary design and a suede-like texture, while the terry inner offers excellent water absorption and a soft feel. These serve as the primary robes for clients at many prestige and status hotels. They also make the best presents for weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, and similar celebrations.

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