What Size Robes Should I Get?

what size robes to wear

If you’re looking for the right robes for your hotel or motel to give your customers an experience, then maybe It’s wise to understand what kind of sizes would be perfect for your establishment. So we at Isra International wanted to provide a lowdown on what you’d need to look for when looking to buy wholesale bathrobes for your brand.

First we identify on what parameters are these robes defined on before giving you our expertise on what you should get. When selecting a bathrobe size, keep the following measurements in mind.


It is the distance between the centre of the neck and the ankle. 


The width refers to the circumference of the bathrobe skirt. It should wrap or cover a person’s legs and hips without being too loose or too tight.

Sleeve length:

Sleeve length is critical while purchasing a robe. There’s nothing wrong with choosing bathrobe sleeves that reach your middle fingers. It’s a personal taste; others like shorter, elbow-length sleeves. The sleeve length in the bathrobe size chart framework is the measurement from the shoulder seam to the sleeve cuff.

Sleeve Opening:

When purchasing a bathrobe, the sleeve opening is also unimportant. However, it’s a good idea to keep this dimension in mind when buying clothes for others.


The length of the robe’s belt must be appropriate to the waist dimensions of the bathrobe.


The sweep is the measurement of the bathrobes bottom hem from edge to edge. 

Determine Your Dimensions:

The most necessary thing you can do to guarantee you get the right size robe is to take your measurements. It’s better not to wing it, especially if you’ve never measured for clothing.

You may hire a professional tailor or use a measuring tape to find your measurements.

Wrap the tape loosely around the portion you’re measuring, then gradually adjust the tape until you have the correct measurement. Don’t restrict your circulation to acquire the most accurate reading! A small margin is acceptable, especially for loose clothing like bathrobes.

Here are some crucial body measures to take when searching for the best-fitting bathrobe:

Shoulder width:

It is the measurement measured from the border of one shoulder to the other.


Even with one-size-fits-all robes, a woman’s breast line, or the circle around her bust area, should be her concern. Men should evaluate the width of the back, considering the breadth of the back and shoulder width, which is measured from one armpit to the other.

Waist and Hip:

When measuring for a bathrobe size, take your waist and hip measurements since these figures closely connect with the breadth of the bathrobe.

what makes bathrobes great

Examine the Size Charts for the Products You Want:

Once you’ve taken your most current measurements, compare them to the robe size chart for the item.

Some businesses may not supply particular dimensions but instead, display size icons. Other manufacturers employ the OSFA (one-size-fits-all) criteria.

Choose the Fabric Type You Want:

Bathrobe producers utilise a diverse range of textiles to create their robes. To get the perfect one for you, you’ll need to understand the various materials and how they impact the feel and function of the bathrobe.

Consider a few considerations before selecting clothes to assist you in your selection.

Fabric Weight: 

You must know how heavy you want your bathrobe to be. Cotton velour and cotton terry robes are your best selections if you like warmer and bulky alternatives. Choose robes made of cashmere, silk, or chenille for a lighter feel.


Robes with high absorbency rates are typically heavier. Microfiber and terry are two absorbent textiles. They can absorb up to three times the weight of the robe. Chenille and cashmere, on the other hand, have less absorbency and lighter robes.

Now that you understand how textiles impact the function of the robe, you may choose from a wide range of fabrics. Each form has several advantages and disadvantages.


Choose cotton robes if warmth and absorbency are your main objectives when purchasing a robe. However, most cotton bathrobes are more likely to shrink. Turkish robes, Egyptian robes, and cotton weave robes are examples of cotton robes.


Polyester is a hand-made material combined with cotton to prevent shrinking after washing. Polyester mixes can have a soft and smooth feel. As a result, they are popular among hotels and spas since they create a rich sensation on the skin.


Chenille robes provide exceptional insulation due to their 100% polyester construction. When compared to other robes, they are swiftly gaining popularity. However, they might lose their form after washing.

Satin and Silk:

Satin and silk are lightweight textiles due to their silky sensation on the skin. They don’t absorb much water, yet they’re perfect for loungewear and summer fashion.


Cashmere robes provide a luxury experience and insulation without adding too much weight. It is vital to mention that cashmere robes must be cleaned with extra care.

Select a Design, Style, or Cut:

After determining the appropriate weight and bathrobe size, you must select the bathrobe design. Typically, the robe design or style is affected by the environment in which you reside, as well as personal choice and style.

There are several popular designs to select from:


The kimono bathrobe design is inspired by the historic Japanese kimono. A kimono robe features a looser neck and longer sleeves than other styles, and it comes in various materials, including silk and cotton.

Shawl Collar:

Like the kimono, the shawl bathrobe features a loose collar. The shawl robe stands apart because it has a higher cover over the chest. 


A hooded bathrobe is another fantastic choice for staying warm. The robe’s hood provides some protection for the head and neck. You can also use the hood to dry your hair after a shower or swim by pulling it over damp hair.

Purchasing a new bathrobe should be a pleasurable experience. Choosing the finest bathrobe for you includes taking into account several things that might improve the function and feel of the robe. Selecting the proper robe can make or break your experience, whether for relaxing, creating a fashion statement, or simply covering yourself after a shower. Consider this an act of self-care, and make an informed decision!

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