Mistakes Buyers Make when Picking Spa Robes

mistakes buying spa robes.

Looking to buy Spa robes for your business? or maybe as a gift to your loved ones (they make great gifts). Having spa robes that are both functional and comfortable to wear around your place or throughout a hotel.

Having the appropriate robe provides luxury and spa comfort to your home. With various types of robes on the market, it might be hard to choose the one that would match your needs.

Shopping for a bathrobe may be challenging, whether you want a unisex robe or one for you and another for your lover. Remember that this is a one-time investment that will endure a long time.

Most hotels make the mistake of purchasing the incorrect spa robes for their establishment. Check out this easy guide for choosing the finest robes for yourself or spa and avoid mistakes!

Mistakes buyers make when buying spa robes
Mistakes buyers make when buying spa robes

Thread Quality:

Buyers don’t care much about the thread quality while buying robes. It leaves their new robes perforated and rough in no time. 

Thread quality should be the most crucial consideration while purchasing the robe. Whether for personal or business usage, your robe should be of the highest quality in terms of material, style, and size. A bathrobe is not something to buy again after a few weeks or days. As a result, the one-time purchase should have a significant effect.

Spa robes are subjected to harsh chemicals such as bleach in addition to frequent usage. It is why the thread quality of your spa robes  is so critical.

When looking for the best spa robe, opt for one with a high weave density and less lint. It will aid in keeping your spa robes  in good condition and prevent them from wearing out quickly.

Low-quality robes  not only thin out rapidly. But, they are also prone to perforations.

To determine whether your robe is of high quality, consider the material and other little aspects. Purchasing a high-quality robe also helps you save money because you will not have to return to the store as frequently.


Many beauty vendors will offer solutions to fit your robe needs and budget. While alternatives are beneficial, consider the value of a more costly robe.

Higher-priced robes  sometimes promise higher-quality materials and superior manufacturing. Double-stitched edges and improved hemming are features of well-made salon and spa robes .

robes  with this structure are more resistant to repeated washing and drying cycles. Consider Isra Internationals bath robes  if you’re seeking well-made spa robes  that won’t break the budget.

Isra International’s robes  are ideal for salon and spa use, with double-stitched edges for durability. They also become softer with each wash.


People don’t consider the size of robes  while buying them. Thus, either they are too small or long for their required purpose. It renders the robes  useless as they don’t fit the essence of the spa and its purpose. 

The size of your robes  will differ according to the stations in your salon. Hair and nail robes  are often smaller than spa robes .

It is crucial to remember that cotton-made robes  shrink significantly in the wash. Cotton robes  often shrink by 10% in size after the first wash.

Also, if you don’t want your spa and salon robes  to shrink more than 2 to 2.5 inches, seek tightly woven robes . Bleach-proof robes  are also a fantastic choice because they have a consistent thickness that allows them to last longer. 

Women have a wide range of length possibilities. They can select bathrobes varying in length from mid-thigh to ankle.

Thus, considering the size of robes  while buying them is necessary. 

Loops of robe:

Buyers don’t look for the loops of robes and then face absorption issues. 

A robe’s loops also contribute to its absorbency. robes  with more loops per square inch are generally more absorbent and durable.

Meanwhile, more expensive, quality linens feature thicker, more abundant loops. They provide more bang for your money, though, due to their higher absorbency and longevity.


Vendors sometimes don’t focus on the quality of the robe. Such robes  look rough in less periods. 

When purchasing spa robes , you should also examine the material.

There are two types of cotton robes :

  • pure cotton robes 
  • cotton mixes

Cotton robes  are more absorbent and durable than cotton mixes. Cotton mixes, on the other hand, keep their form for a longer time. Cotton robes  are often preferred by buyers.

Some vendors utilise recycled cotton. Such robes  reduce absorbency and longevity of the robes .

Consider purchasing microfiber spa robes  if you want ultra-absorbent, long-lasting, and durable robes . Microfiber robes  outperform traditional cotton robes  in terms of performance, drying time, and shrinking resistance.

Microfiber robes  are soft, and they are also chemical and stain resistant. You may also utilise them at different stations around your salon.

Look for fleece or micro plush textiles to keep your consumers toasty on cold days. Meanwhile, lightweight choices such as satin and waffle-knit bathrobes are great for humid seasons.

If you’re uncertain which spa robe to choose, go through Isra International’s extensive selection of bathrobes. There is a product for everyone, whether you choose a microfleece, Turkish cotton, or waffle-knit robe.

Colour-Safe Linen:

Buyers don’t care about the colour quality. Some colours are temporarily dyed and fade with washing. The poor quality colours leave robes  useless in no time and result in loss. 

Customers are put off by stained or faded robes . Fortunately, you may avoid this by following the care recommendations included with the robes .

Some robes  are more challenging to keep clean than others, so consider colour-safe linens. After being washed in hot water and bleach, these linens should not fade or lose their brilliance.

You may do a fast bleachability test to see if your spa robes  are bleach-safe. 02 tablespoons bleach in 14 cups of water; apply a little drop to a concealed location.

After a minute, blot your robe dry to observe if the colour has changed. If nothing noteworthy happens, you can safely bleach the robe.

Sort your robes  by white, light, and dark to ensure they get the best washing. To achieve the best results, adjust the cycle and temperature based on the type of robes  you’ll be washing.


You must follow particular rules to ensure you receive your money’s worth. As a general guideline, consider what will make your consumers happy, even if it means spending a little more money.

Keep in mind that your business is an investment. Customers that receive excellent service will remain loyal and even spread the word about their positive experience.

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