How to Wear a Bathrobe?

robes after hot tub

Bathrobes, while you’ve probably heard of them, we doubt that nearly everyone owns one at home. Bathrobes are also known as dressing gowns. They are used to cover the body while not wearing ordinary clothes, such as after a shower or picking an outfit. Robes, like towels, absorb water and keep you warm. Most people do not believe in possessing a bathrobe since they are still unaware of the benefits that this item of clothing may provide.

The Advantages of Owning a Bathrobe:

Why should you wear a robe? There are several causes. It not only covers you, but it also keeps you warm and toasty while you’re not dressed. Owning a robe ensures that you always have something to slip into when putting on ordinary clothing isn’t the handiest or most sensible alternative.

For example, you may sleep in linen shorts and a tank, but this clothing may not be warm enough to wear for breakfast. If you’re preparing pancakes and bacon before showering and changing into your OOTD, a bathrobe may be a better alternative than changing into other clothes.

How to Wear a Robe:

The correct method to wear a robe depends on the style, but traditional designs with waist ties operate similarly. Here’s how to wear one:

  • First, slip your arms through the sleeves, getting the opening at the front.
  • Make sure the top sits properly on your shoulders.
  • Wrap one of the sides inward and around your waist.
  • If your robe contains inner ribbons, tie them together to keep it in place even after the outside sash is undone.
  • Wrap the opposite side of the robe around your waist.
  • Finally, make a firm bow or knot using the ends of the outer strap in either hand. If your robe lacks inner ties, you may need to use your elbow to keep it in place while tying the sash. To keep your bathrobe from unraveling, connect the strap simply through the front two loops (rather than winding it around your back), giving you extra slack to tie a tighter knot.

When to Wear a Robe?

So, what are robes for, and when is it appropriate to wear one? Let us list the ways! Here’s when and when you might wish to wear one:

  • When you exit the shower or bath
  • While selecting your day’s attire,
  • While you’re ironing your garments
  • While you are applying your hair or makeup
  • Throughout your everyday skincare routine
  • At the pool or on the beach
  • While on vacation
  • While sipping your coffee in the morning
  • Before going to bed
  • When you have overnight visitors in the morning
  • When staying at someone else’s house
  • When you need an extra layer of warmth at home


We can assure you that once you’ve found the ideal bathrobe, there will be no turning back. You’ll enjoy how your body feels, and there’s no better option when it’s about comfort.

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