How to Wash Beach Towels

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So it’s been a fun and lively summer day of beach surfing and sunbathing, and it’s time to launder those beach towels. Isn’t it simple? Should I put them in the washing machine? Not exactly. What’s the deal? The answer is simple, but not so simple to solve: SAND

Many people notice that while beach towels are supposed to be absorbent and super-soft on the skin, they are no longer the same when millions of grains of hard and wet sand have been scattered all over them and entrenched inside.

You might not have given much thought to how you clean your beach towels, but it’s time to start. Beach towels, unlike bath towels, take a pounding and are frequently caked with sand, sweat, sunscreen, and the occasional ketchup or rosé stain at the end of a day at the beach. However, it is essential to wash them properly. If you do this, a good beach towel will last you many seasons. On the beach, do not use a bath towel. Their textiles attract sand and are short in length, making them unsuitable for sunbathing. 

Your precious washing machine is not built to handle large volumes of sand. Imagine what will happen if you throw all of that sand in the washing machine. There will be sand stains on your towels especially when folding them

What Causes Beach Towels to Deteriorate?

Beach towels must be washed for sanitary reasons and to keep their fabric in good condition. In reality, various circumstances can degrade textiles, making them less soft or even wearing them out in the long term. It includes salt that gets trapped between the fibers and is difficult to remove. Similar to chlorine if you want to spend the weekend in the pool rather than at the beach. Sunscreen residue, like sweating, may leave halo effects on towels and swimming suits. We must not overlook the sand – those microscopic grains that are difficult to remove unless we use a thorough wash.

We’re not just talking about sand here. The firmly embedded sand destroys the fabric and makes it seem unclean, rough, and stiff. 

So, how can you avoid the sandy towel disaster and keep your towels as fluffy as new even after a day at the beach?

Seven Steps to Wash Beach Towels:


The first step in cleaning beach towels is to give them a good shake. You want to strive for a loud snap when you shake the container, trying to get as much sand out as possible.


Dry because dry sand is easier to remove than sticky, moist sand. Just lay the damp towel out in the sun.

Shake once more:

Now that it’s dry, firmly shaking the beach towel will remove even more of the previously-embedded damp sand that is now dry and loose.


You may not want to do this every time, but it works – get out the vacuum cleaner or, at the absolute least, a smaller, handheld kind. It will aid in the removal of the firmly entrenched sand.


You are now ready to wash. Make sure to arrange the towels by color, avoid adding other garments to the machine, and avoid overloading. Fabric softener isn’t necessary because it can interfere with a towel’s capacity to absorb.

Dry – And Ready to Surf!

Hang your clean beach towels out to dry or place them in the dryer, put on your beachwear, and get your surfboard. You’re ready to go back to the beach! 

We are sure these instructions will keep your beach towels in good condition for many seasons. 

You’ll be able to make the most of your weekend beach break by following our recommendations, and you’ll have beautifully clean and delightfully perfumed bathing suits, clothes, and towels in no time. You’ll be set to start a new week without the stress of having a tonne of chores to accomplish upon your return.

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