Difference between Terry Cloth & Waffle Robes

what makes bathrobes great

The most apparent feature of slipping into a new robe has to be the feel. Smooth satin, comfortable cotton, and exquisite lace; each fabric has its interpretation of comfort and elegance. 

Relaxing in a soft bathrobe is similar to receiving a loving hug from a loved one. Bathrobes are one of the most intimate and go-to costumes for relaxing alone. They’re great for lazy weekends, comfortable mornings, or just sitting on the sofa for no reason. Overall, robes might be your ideal companion during relaxing and sleepy times.

The most crucial element to consider when selecting the best robes in general, is how well it absorbs moisture. When wrapped around you, it keeps you warm and looks great.

Bathrobes come in various materials, patterns, and features, but the two most common are terry cloth and cotton bathrobes. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for bathrobes but aren’t sure where to start, we’ll walk you through the process.

What are Terry Cloth Robes:

Terry fabric is a kind of cotton that is woven with looping patterns. Terry cloth can have a polyester blend in addition to cotton. They have loops woven on a loom to produce a lovely and fluffy fabric. The loop lengths determine moisture-absorbing capability.

In other words, a good terry robe has thick, uncut loops that give it a comfortable, somewhat heavier look. Furthermore, this cloth is utilized in towels and robes in spas and hotels.

Characteristics of Terry Cloth Bathrobes:

Terry cloth is one of the most common types of domestic linen. It’s the cloth used to produce bathrobes, towels, and towels after a bath or shower. Therefore, it’s intended to dry. In reality, terry fabric is named after its capacity to absorb enormous volumes of water.

It is manufactured using two warps and a weft: the first warp is termed the bottom and builds the fabric’s skeleton, while the second is called the effect or curl and makes the ring surface. The warp bottom is worked at a higher tension than usual, which, together with the use of yarns (usually cotton) with a gentle twist, provides the fabric the capacity to retain a lot of water. Terry textiles can be simple or double depending on whether the curls are present on a single face or both sides of the fabric; the second is the more commonly utilized because of its better capacity to absorb water. 

What are Waffle Fabric Robes:

If there is an award for the most relaxing material, it would most likely go to waffle fabric. This soft material may turn even the most hectic day into a peaceful spa resort. Waffle weave fabric is softly textured and has characteristic three-dimensional squares that resemble the breakfast meal for which it was called.

Waffle weave fabric, commonly known as honeycomb fabric, is distinguished by its three-dimensional design. The texture is manufactured during the weaving when warp and weft floats of varying lengths create raised ridges that form a grid pattern around the plain weave core.

Characteristics of Waffle Fabric Robes:

Waffle weave cloth is most commonly used for soft and cuddly items. Because of the plush and cozy honeycomb weave, which allows for ventilation, this extremely absorbent waffle material dries rapidly.

Waffle fabric can be lightweight depending on the weave tightness, but the shape of the weave helps produce a warm layer of air adjacent to the skin, making it a perfect fabric for winter clothes and sleeping.

Allow your coffee to steep for a bit longer. At the very least, a waffle cotton knit robe begs you to do so (and who are we to argue?).

A finely woven Waffle Robe or Speckled Waffle Robe made of 100% Turkish cotton may be an excellent addition to your indoor wardrobe.

The absorbent features of a waffle weave mean that this robe is your first option when you come out of the shower, but its soft, light feel will have you wanting to wear it all day.

The Differences:

Most hotels and spas (hereafter hotels) utilize terry bathrobes, although waffle bathrobes are also popular. We estimate that terry bathrobes are used in 80% of hotels while waffle bathrobes are used in 20%. Making an informed decision between the two is not as simple as it appears.

Texture Quality:

A waffle bathrobe is made of 100% cotton fabric with a waffle texture and typically weighs 200-220 g/m2. The width of a waffle square varies, ranging from 0.5 to 1.0 cm. Because the ultimate waffle texture is exposed only after 3-5 washing cycles, a waffle bathrobe shrinks when laundered. A waffle bathrobe may shrink 15-20% in the wash. Thus, it is critical to record the measurements of a waffle bathrobe. Waffle bathrobes that have shrunk and grown too small are prevalent in hotels since the hotel did not account for shrinkage when purchasing the bathrobes.

A terry bathrobe contains 400 g/m2 of 100% cotton fabric. A terry bathrobe shrinks up to 10% in the wash, making it evident that planning the product’s measurements is slightly easy. 


The price appears to be the essential consideration when acquiring something. However, other aspects are far more crucial than the original purchase price over the life cycle of a product. A waffle bathrobe is somewhat less expensive than a terry bathrobe (10-20% less expensive, according to our estimation) since it weighs less and requires less material to create.

Comfort Level:

Terry bathrobes are unquestionably softer and may absorb more water when it comes to comfort. People don’t buy waffle bathrobes to wear at home; they buy terry bathrobes to be as comfy as possible.


That’s all you need to know If you’re looking to get your robes in bulk, we at Isra International sincerely hope we helped you in this regard.

A robe makes you feel pampered and may save money on your heating bill by keeping you warm in the winter. Using the information in this article, you’ll be able to choose something that is both comfortable and well-fitting, as well as something that fits your style.

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